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In the Aromatica structure there are 4 rooms and a center equipped with three swimming pools with shatzu hydromassage with dorsal microjets and water heated to 35 °
One hydro pool with three seats, one with six seats and a larger one with four hydro seats with counter-current swimming.
The internal path includes a Finnish sauna, a Turkish bath and an emotional shower. The atmosphere is relaxing with a relaxation area with deck chairs and views of the vineyards and the Colline dell’uccellina. The structure allows you to close in winter and open in summer. The LED lights and the starry sky make the evening pleasant and enchanted in this magical place surrounded by nature. On the lawn there are large straw umbrellas and deck chairs in front of the vineyard to enjoy the sun.
A solar shower is available to refresh guests. The entrance to the hydro is subject to a fee at set times according to regulations.
To accommodate sports groups we have inserted a synthetic lawn in the main entrance. It is created with recyclable ecological fibers; very useful for physical activity when the meadows are covered with dew (early in the morning and in the evening). It is also a shockproof suitable for dynamic sports activities. We have cultivated lawn available to guests around the entire structure and in the relaxation area a beautiful prized lawn with umbrellas and deck chairs.

From the Malva structure to the Spa there are 30 meters and along the way there is a large barrel-shaped sauna. Thus, even in winter, it is allowed to leave the rooms in a bathrobe and take the hot path with the sauna and cool off while arriving at the Spa.

This thermal shock allows to reactivate the circulation, eliminate waste and toxins and subsequently relax in the heated hydro pools.
For the less daring, there is a changing room inside the Spa.

In winter, it is possible to access the Spa at a fixed time upon reservation for a fee.
In summer it is open with the possibility of booking admission, deck chairs and parasols.

Bathrobe KIT and bookable towel

There is a Privé with whirlpool for two people, sauna and chromotherapy. You can book at set times by combining a romantic dinner or lunch.
A holistic massage can also be booked to completely relax


HOLISTIC MASSAGE is a combination of powerful and pleasurable ancient and modern bodywork techniques.

The touch of expert and loving hands, the use of harmonizing oils and essences, will help the client to let go of physical, mental and emotional tensions and blocks, to reach that deep state of relaxation which is the basis of self-healing and health.

It is a massage aimed at those looking for a moment of true relaxation, for those who want to abandon themselves and find harmony with their body, but also for those looking for an effective massage to drain, eliminate toxins, improve circulation, cool down. , release tension and loosen muscles.

Expertly performed by a specialized holistic operator.

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