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TAVERN “ The kitchen of DUKIBRACI”

Il Duchesco has its own restaurant! Also open to passing travelers!

The proximity to Alberese, Grosseto, Albinia and Orbetello makes it Suitable for Ceremonies, (Communion, Confirmation, Weddings) Banquets and business dinners! The frame of the verandas overlooking the Green of the Natural Park will be your background.

Guests staying at the Duchesco can access the half board formula.

The restaurant is part of the Alleanza dei Cuochi Slow Food to promote zero-kilometer cuisine, with organic products and in safeguarding the Presidia: Products at risk of extinction that are served in our restaurant.

Grilled meat from Maremma, black pig, Cinta senese, wild boar from the park, fallow deer, but without detracting from our Vegetarian and Vegan proposals; garden salads and soups with seasonal vegetables.

Homemade pasta such as Tortelli, Pici, Gnocchi, Spelled Tagliatelle and from an artisan laboratory with the work of children with disabilities “La Casa del Sole”.

Ancient grain flours for the preparation of focaccia and Tuscan bread. Selection of typical sweets and high quality parfaits.

Certified gluten-free cuisine AIC
Headmasters Slow Food and Philosophy of Good Clean and Just!

Courtesy and kindness must never be lacking!

Ample parking also available for buses and a small playground for the little ones, the restaurant is surrounded by large green spaces.
Pets are welcome!

Weddings: Possibility to celebrate your wedding in the church of Alberese and to be transported to the restaurant with a beautiful carriage pulled by horses.

Welcome with a Welcome and Lunch at DUKIBRACI in a natural setting and with a typical menu revisited in the name of simplicity.

Our cuisine, our culture, our tradition ...

The kitchen wants to offer a revisited vision of traditional dishes to make them light and healthy.

The right quantity of oil and salt, the careful choice of products and the control of the origin give the guarantee of a cuisine that is synonymous with quality and wholesomeness.

Mainly local meat-based menu: Maremma breed, Maremma black pig, Cinta senese

Wide selection of traditional artisan pasta.

But also cantuccini with Passito, and artisanal Semifreddi and ice creams.
Hoping to have tickled your appetite, we will give you some of our most important recipes and we are waiting for you !!


Produced daily by a family and artisan laboratory that uses free-range eggs and flours from selected and indigenous grains.

Gnocchi with zucchini and Sorano sausage
€ 10
Artisan dumplings seasoned with vegetables from organic production or from our garden according to availability. (courgettes, asparagus etc) With a Local Artisan Sausage
Pici with Maremma breed ragù
€ 10
A traditional pasta from the Maremma and the Sienese, a large spaghetti, made with fresh artisan pasta without eggs. It can be paired with Maremmana Ragù Meat from cows in the wild in the Maremma Park. (Slow Food Presidium)
Pici all'aglione
€ 10
A traditional pasta from the Maremma and the Sienese, a large spaghetti, fresh artisan pasta without eggs from the Aglione which is a typical garlic of the Val di Chiana, with a delicate flavor. A variety that we grow directly in our garden
Cowboy hat with field herbs
€ 10
Fresh pasta stuffed with spinach and organic ricotta (traditional large Tortello that recalls the shape of the hat of our Cow-Boys: Butteri di Maremma
Wild boar tagliatella
€ 10
Fresh egg pasta with wild boar ragout from the Park
Wholemeal pasta
€ 10
Organic wholemeal pasta, tagliatelle or penne to meet special needs

SECOND COURSES: local and regional meats

Sliced Beef
€ 15
Made with beef entrecote, local meat, soft and tasty, mainly to be cooked in medium or rare cooking in our thermo-controlled ovens
Sliced with balsamic vinegar
€ 15
Tagliata with rocket and pecorino (L.A.C.)
€ 15
Mixed grill
€ 15
Maremma black pig, rosticiana, sausage, scamerita
Rabbit in porchetta
€ 13
Boneless rabbit stuffed with sausage with orange peel (free-range)
Maremma breed stew
€ 14
Maremma cow meat in the wild in the Maremma Park. Slow cooking in Ciegiolo wine, with a mixture of smells, to make the meat soft. Tasty and healthy dish. Served on a slice of ancient grain bread
Grilled free-range chicken leg
€ 13
Crispy boneless chicken, a delicacy.
Game: fallow deer or wild boar
€ 16
We alternate the two types. Carne del Parco Jugged with wine and tomato sauce, black olives, slightly spicy.
Potato burger with potatoes
€ 13
Maremmana meat with chopped herbs, a drizzle of breadcrumbs and egg white that make it soft and appetizing, served with roasted potatoes.
€ 40 to the Kg.
Beef with bone, minimum sizes of 1 kg. Medium or rare cooking. Baking in the oven 50 degrees at the heart. This uniform cooking makes it healthy.


Baked potatoes
€ 4
Amiata red potatoes cooked in the oven with the skin retain all their properties.
Onions in vinegar
€ 4
Small onions baked in sweet and sour oven.
Sauteed vegetables
€ 4
Mixed seasonal vegetables (summer courgettes and fennel from local greenhouse production, no pepper)


It is a menu to meet the needs of the little ones, always offering great quality and flavor.

€ 7
Penne with tomato sauce
€ 7
Organic raw ham and cheese
€ 7


Homemade desserts, parfaits or ice creams from haute patisserie

Homemade tiramisu
€ 5
Homemade dessert with mascarpone and ladyfingers, eggs and cocoa only fresh raw materials
Cantuccini of Guido with white Passito.
€ 5
Homemade dessert, traditional dry with almonds combined with a sweet and delicate wine
Panna Cotta
€ 5
Panna Cotta of the house with chocolate, black cherry, or caramelized.
€ 6
Parfaits various flavors.
Homemade ice cream
€ 6
Made by Papete, an excellent artisan ice cream shop


PROPOSALS OF EXCEPTIONAL WINES. Every week we offer wines from vines of small local organic companies that produce excellent wines from vines in danger of extinction, little known, but with an intensity of aromas and flavors that it is difficult to find as true connoisseurs. Feel free to ask about the variety available this week.


Bucchero, 0.75L bottle.
€ 18
Ciliegiolo is a local vine, in steel barrels, fresh and fragrant with red fruit produced from our grapes.
Bucchero, chalice.
€ 6
Ciliegiolo is a local vine, in steel barrels, fresh and fragrant with red fruit produced from our grapes.
Giogo, 0.75L bottle.
€ 20
Wine from Morellino grapes.
Giogo, chalice.
€ 6
Wine from Morellino grapes
Bella Marsiglia, 0.75L bottle.
€ 26
Grapes of Morellino di Scansano
Bella Marsiglia, chalice.
€ 6
Grapes of Morellino di Scansano


Auriga, 0.75L bottle
€ 18
Ansonica is a local, dry and aromatic vine produced from our grapes.
Cigliegiolo, chalice.
€ 5
Ansonica is a local, dry and aromatic vine produced from our grapes.
LUNACALANTE, 0.75L bottle.
€ 18
Vermentino is a local, dry, fresh-scented vine produced from our grapes.
€ 5
Vermentino is a local, dry, fresh-scented vine produced from our grapes.

CRAFT BEER of the Rosa dei Venti Craft Brewery - Florence

CRAFT BEER of Barley and Wheat transformed from our raw materials. Unpasteurized, unfiltered and fermented in the bottle.

Barley beer
€ 10
Wheat beer
€ 10
Grappa Barricata from our grapes
€ 3
Aged in oak barrels made with our pomace
Amaro by Aldo
€ 3.50
Excellent herbal digestive, with a hint of licorice
Limoncino by Ivana
€ 3.5
Passito white
€ 3.50
Artisan made from dried white grapes, with hints of honey


Vegetarian dish
€ 14
Composed of various tastings, gnocchi with seasonal vegetables, mixed raw milk cheeses with jams and mixed sauteed vegetables. Complete and appetizing.


We are available to propose gluten-free variants of pasta (gnocchi, tagliatelle, tortelli, penne, bread, desserts, etc.) Made according to anti-contamination regulations at no additional cost.

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